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Agricultural Buildings, Parlors, Livestock, Machine Sheds and pole shed barns

These days an agricultural building serves as an equipment storage shed, a warehouse, a milking parlor, a free stall barn or a workshop. Or it can combine several different uses with an office thrown in, too. These buildings are no longer just barns. We emphasize animal comfort and ventilation, high ceilings and big doors for equipment, weather-tight buildings for crops, and much more.

Our building capabilities include:
  • Dairy
  • Equipment Storage & Multi-use
  • Livestock Confinement
  • Crop & Bulk Materials Storage

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Local builders you can trust

Wick partners with independent builders from your area who you know, and who Wick trusts.

They live and work in your community so you'll know who to contact should you need service, an addition or another Wick Building.